Friday, August 31, 2007

I Found Bees!

I had only a half day at work today and since I got off early I thought I would swing by Hobby Lobby and pick up more packets of those cute bees I found there. Guess what? They were gone! Arg! GOT TO BE KIDDING ME. I depressingly walked around the store picking up paint and little wooden eggs to physically make bees and then came the whammer - they did not have any wooden or tin hearts or anything to make the wings. Blah! But my trip to Michaels was much more successful. In fact, I was able to take everything back at Hobby Lobby! I found little flat wooden bees already painted and cute! I also bought wire to twirl and glue onto the backs so that they can stand up and look like they are flying around the table and around the house...cute! Pic soon to follow. And the image below is how my bird nest favors are turning out...quite nicely!

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