Monday, September 24, 2007

Getting Things Laid Out

I am getting some of the tables and things set up in the house to see where everything is going to go and it looks good! Not sure how I am going to seat closet to 50 people in my living room but we will see! I have 20 chairs on reserve from a rental facility - but I am hoping that I get enough chairs from family to suffice. I started laying out some of the decor I have gathered over the last month to see how it all fits together.

Sunday, September 23, 2007

Made My Cakes!

So, I finally convinced myself that it was getting close enough to the shower date to go ahead and buy more supplies...some of the many things I got today included diapers for the diaper cakes. I have read all sorts of articles on how to make them and Saturday I sat down and put myself to to the test. With a little tape, some twine, ribbon, and wire to make two gorgeous decorative diaper cakes....It was fun! I could do this for a living! Want a diaper cake? Let me know...I would love to make more! Anyways I used the metallic adhesive embellishments from the scrapbooking store and applied it to the ribbon and used my shredded paper as "icing". Looks cute...I would like to make two more and I have enough diapers...but I may need to save them for the Diaper Decorating activity.

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

I Found Honey Comb!

So, I have been searching and searching at grocery stores for honey comb to serve on a little dish at the baby is edible, but I doubt anyone will eat it (their idea of a shower is mints and cake...mine is Japanese icecream and honey comb) but at very least it would look darling and mesh with my theme. Well, on my latest heath kick to take the stairs, park far away from the entrance, and take walks on my lunch break - I strolled around Monument Circle downtown and noticed people carrying bags of plants and sweet corn. This only means one is Wednesday and the City Market is open! So I perused the outdoor aisles and low and behold there was table from Hunter Farm Honey...the very place I was going to have Matt drive me out too to buy a slice of honey comb...but there they were and there was my honey comb - not to mention the cutest little wooden honey dipper! So happy!

Saturday, September 1, 2007

Birds and the Bees Game

Perfect for my theme!

Coed Baby Shower Game: Where Do Babies Come From?

Just about everyone had a wacky idea of where babies come from when they were a kid, and if they didn’t they know of some silly ideas that a friend, cousin, or sibling had. These wacky ideas can make for a great baby shower game for sure. Where Do Babies Come From is a great way to start your baby shower as it will get everyone relaxed, laughing, and able to open up to having a good time.

How To Get The Laughs Started
You’ll really only need scraps of paper and a pencil for each of your guest, the more the merrier for this gut busting game. Instruct each of your party guests to write on a piece of paper where they thought babies came from when they were little. Then, instruct each of your party guests to read their answer to the question of where the little guys and girls come from. It’s inevitable; every guest will be laughing by the time each shower guest has read his or her story!

To make the game even more fun, each of the ideas can be put into a bowl or container of some sort. Then, the expectant parents can read each idea aloud to the other party guests who will then have to guess who wrote what. The person with the funniest or most outlandish idea of where babies come from will win a prize! This is a simple game that takes almost nothing to play, but will leave a lasting impression on each guest!

Baby Shower Game Ideas

So, I think I have been WAY too much time trying to find great shower ideas. There just is not a lot out there about baby showers - not a lot of websites or blogs. No, what I mean to say is that there isn't a lot great shower blogs or websites...just mediocre - hum-drum stuff and tons of it. I don't want hum drum....I don't want blue baby bottle candles or safety pin cookies. Arg!

But here are a few cute ideas for shower activities to keep everyone entertained that I have gleaned by the many resources I have looked at and read.

A "Send a Message to Baby"

Each partygoer is given a thin piece of cardboard and a thick felt marker and is asked to write a greeting, a wish, or another special message for the baby. The host then takes a picture of each guest holding up his or her greeting (a Polaroid instant or digital camera, for immediate results, makes this the most fun). The photos can then be assembled in an album or saved for the baby book. As he grows, the little one will surely get a kick out of seeing familiar faces and receiving the messages sent to him by close family and friends before he was even born. (I actually read about a version of this where people write on slips of paper and then all the paper is put into a wine bottle and sealed until the child's 16th birthday - I really like that idea) Both are good.

Advice Book
A new mother will definitely need advice on taking care of a baby. Place out a pretty journal for guests to write advice to the mother. This keepsake will be invaluable to the mother as she starts raising her kids.

Guess The Candy Bar or Guess what it is?

Pass around disposable diapers that have had candy bars melted in the microwave. Label the diapers and hand the guests a sheet of paper to write down the numbers and which candy bar is in each diaper. (alternative game can be played by not limiting the contents to melted candy bars)....this game is kinda iffy but has a good shock factor to get people talking

Diaper Decorating

Take cloth diapers and use fabric paints, iron-ons and markers for the guests to create diaper masterpieces. They can put cute sayings on it like," This side down" or "Momma's present goes in here"

Decorate onesies

Provide a table to decorate onesies for the baby. Have supplies like iron on designs, markers, paints, and decorative items for guests to use. You can tie dye some onesies or provide onesies in different sizes and colors to make it with.

Provide a card style cookbook for guests to decorate and fill with their favorite recipes.