Sunday, August 26, 2007

Have My Cake...But Don't Eat It!

I am going with one of the more traditional baby shower decor items, the diaper cake. But, true to my nature, I am doing it my way and with a modern twist. Many great websites have been my inspiration. Here is the basis of my design for the diaper cakes, but instead of yellow and pink coloring and yellow orchids, I think I am going to go with blue hydrangeas and some sort of white flower and of course brown and blue ribbon and brown crinkle paper! I will post mock-ups when I get to the level of production. So far I only have the diapers.

Above is the ribbon I will be using for the diaper cakes..I think I want to make two.

Above are some little decorative items for the cake...cute little metallic sticky scrapbooking words that say "sweet baby" to put on the ribbon and little wooden cut-outs that the mommy-to-be can use later in the nursery if she wants. She is going with a dino theme for most of the baby's stuff.

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Quentin said...

I love hydrangeas, and blue ones will be perfect in fitting with your colors!!!