Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Heather Bailey Inspired Bunting Baby Shower

Alright everyone, here's my big shower reveal! We celebrated our coed baby shower last weekend (boys were welcome to escape to the backyard where we grilled hotdogs and hamburgers out on the deck) and it all went so smoothly thanks to wonderful family and friends! The theme was inspired by Heather Bailey fabric and bunting! We're having a little girl and so I wanted everything pink, but not too pink. Cotton candy pink and cotton candy blue became my two favorite color inspirations for the party. My hostesses and I took the colors, the fabric inspiration and the bunting clear throughout the party decor from the food to the gift bags, etc. Here's how it all turned out!

To see the full album click here!

Lovely homemade vanilla cupcakes with strawberry frosting and red velvet cupcakes with blue cream cheese frosting - made by my lovely hostess, Krista!

The entire food layout!

Candy buffet compliments of my other hostess - Laura! Complete with blue cotton candy flavored salt water taffy, pink strawberry salt water taffy and pink and blue rock candy sticks!

In the two large jars we have flavored drinks to match the theme - pink lemonade and blue koolaid (Ice Blue Raspberry Lemonade Flavor).

Everything matches - even the banner and quilt I made for the nursery!

Homemade pink and blue meringue cookies in waffle cones for guest favors!

Fun and frilly guest of honor name tags - handmade from crepe paper, pin backs and hot glue!

Our invitation.


amy said...

Very cute, I love the colors! The favors are really cute too. How did you make them?

Stacy said...

Amy - Thank you! We had so much fun planning it all out! The favors were pretty easy. I made homemade meringue cookies - dyed them the colors I wanted using icing dye then set two cookies with their bottoms facing each other into prebought waffle cones. I had seen the idea somewhere - so I definitely can't take the credit! But they were using sugar cones and needed melted chocolate to meld the cookies together and to the top of the cones. By using the larger waffle cones I found I could get away with just wedging the cookies into the cone and after wrapping them in the cellophane packages - everything stayed in place!

Anonymous said...

This is all done very well! I love the colors and every bit of the decorating. I found this post from HB on FBook and popped in to take a look. Congrats on your shower it looked like a great party.
see you again soon,

Sherry Hicks said...

Hi, I just saw your post on Heather Bailey's facebook and checked out your blog. Love, Love, Love the baby shower items and your nursery. How beautiful and creative it all is!
Sherry Hicks

Anonymous said...

So perfect! I found your blog while looking for Heather Bailey fabrics. Just one question, are the signs (cupcake toppers, strawberry picks) and bunting made out of fabric or is there a matching paper product? How did you get it so stiff? Anyways, such an adorable party thanks for sharing.

Stacy said...


I made the bunting and signs etc out of paper that had the design printed on it. Took a little photoshopping but turned out very well.I did create one fabric bunting and a quilt -- the rest was paper!

Anonymous said...

Thanks Stacy, you've given me the some inspiration for my daughter's upcoming 1st birthday. Hope you don't mind if I steal a couple of your ideas. Of course I'll refer back to your blog.

The Quinones Family said...

I would love the recipe that was used for the strawberry frosting on those gorgeous cupcakes if possible. Was it made with real strawberries? Looks delicious! Gorgeous party! I am throwing a boy and girl twin baby shower and found this post very inspirational since my theme colors are of course pink and blue! :)

Ranell Jensen said...

I love everything that you did! I would love your recipe for the Blue Raspberry lemonade for a shower that I am throwing. thanks