Sunday, August 26, 2007

Apothecary Drink Jars

For my husband and I's housewarming party in late April, we served lemonade in a large 2 gallon apothecary jar with sliced lemons and limes inside and ice. It was a hit! Everyone drank it up...the lemons and limes added a gorgeous touch not to mention a great taste to an otherwise ordinary drink. For Laura's shower I am playing off that idea but sticking to our color scheme. I am serving iced tea in one with sliced lemons and whole red raspberries and in another jar I am serving Iced Blue Lemonade Kool-Aid - an old childhood favorite of mine with whole blueberries and sliced lemon mixed in. I am also going to use the jars to hold balled melons with mint garnish!

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Quentin said...

Quentin's sister Ilona uses those kind of jars also to serve water with lemon, lime and mint for any get-together at her house. It works perfect everytime and looks cute.