Sunday, May 16, 2010

Diaper Bag Dreaming

Well, this WAS going to be a post about all the great diaper bags I couldn't choose from on Etsy - sigh. But then I found this one today...and it's the one. Yup THE ONE. It matches the theme I want to do for the baby shower - love the blues and pinks for are little girl. It's roomy with lots of compartments, pockets and even a snazzy little strap with a clasp.

Handmade Deluxe Diaper Bag from WatermelonWishes $82.00

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Artwork For the Nursery

We're wanting to make a fun collage of artwork in the nursery - here's some of the things we're thinking about buying and framing from Etsy. Let me know of any fun ideas you have that we could add to our collection!

Purple Owl Alphabet Poster 13x19 $29.99 from Etsy seller gingiber

12 x 18 Keep Calm Carry On Print - $14.98 from Etsy Seller byorderofthecrown

Stork in Pink 8.5 x 11  $15.00 from Etsy seller eighthourday

Darkness - Print 5x7 $18.00 from Etsy seller amberalexander

La Vie est Bella Set of 4 5x7 Prints $45 from Etsy seller evajuliet
Baby Shower Tree 11x14 (in pink) $16.00 from Etsy seller lovliday

Reading is Cool Print 8x10 $20 from Etsy seller dazeychic

Break the Routine 8x10 Print $18.00 from Etsy seller dazeychic either pink or green

Bed Time Bus Roll 11 1/2 x 15 1/4 Print $20.00 from Etsy seller mysweetprints

Keep Quiet the Baby's Sleeping 8x10 Print $18.00 from Etsy seller mysweetprints

A World to Discover - Custom Map 11.7 x16.5  Print $29.00 from Etsy seller MySweetPrints

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Printable Baby Shower Tree

This Printable Baby Shower Tree from lovliday's Etsy shop is the perfect idea to get family member involved in a fun activity at your baby shower! Print off the blank tree, buy an archival ink pad in a matching color and a pen for people to sign their name! Each family member makes a fingerprint on the tree and writes their name along-side it. Adorable!

$16 for the printable PDF file from lovliday on Etsy