Sunday, August 26, 2007

The Beginning

Well, this all started because our dear friends Matt & Laura have upped and gotten themselves pregnant - God love them! :) To welcome this little one into the world, they have been pretty busy...not to mention going to school full-time on top working. To take a little stress off of her shoulders I am planning her baby shower - which she so graciously bestowed upon me...I am sure she is second guessing herself now that I have gone off the deep end with the idea and have driven her crazy with wanting the "list"!

What I have noticed most so far in planning this is the sheer lack of modern, classy, and chic ideas for baby showers. You would think that in the year of 2008, with Martha Stewart and all her glamor and all the crazy-all-out million dollar 16 year-old birthday party bashes you hear of that there would be a booming market out there for classy - nicely designed baby showers. But no! There isn't I have had to scour the net and the bookstores for anything even remotely updated and modern about throwing a baby shower with glam. I have found some great stuff from a few - there's Martha Stewart of course, Hostest with the Mostest and a few others with great ideas to help me along. But for the most part the pickings have been thin.

So, to lessen my frustration and to keep all my ideas in one handy location instead of on 20 scrap pieces of paper, 2 notebooks and my online google docs account...I thought I would post a cute blog about designing a baby shower. Yes, designing - not just planning a shower...but designing it as an experience. I am after all a graphic designer...nay, that word itself is so constraining...I am what you would call a Visual Communicator. I design mainly print pieces but I believe in total design. Not stopping at the invitation but looking at the minute details to design an experience not just a pretty piece of paper.

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