Wednesday, September 12, 2007

I Found Honey Comb!

So, I have been searching and searching at grocery stores for honey comb to serve on a little dish at the baby is edible, but I doubt anyone will eat it (their idea of a shower is mints and cake...mine is Japanese icecream and honey comb) but at very least it would look darling and mesh with my theme. Well, on my latest heath kick to take the stairs, park far away from the entrance, and take walks on my lunch break - I strolled around Monument Circle downtown and noticed people carrying bags of plants and sweet corn. This only means one is Wednesday and the City Market is open! So I perused the outdoor aisles and low and behold there was table from Hunter Farm Honey...the very place I was going to have Matt drive me out too to buy a slice of honey comb...but there they were and there was my honey comb - not to mention the cutest little wooden honey dipper! So happy!

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