Saturday, September 1, 2007

Baby Shower Game Ideas

So, I think I have been WAY too much time trying to find great shower ideas. There just is not a lot out there about baby showers - not a lot of websites or blogs. No, what I mean to say is that there isn't a lot great shower blogs or websites...just mediocre - hum-drum stuff and tons of it. I don't want hum drum....I don't want blue baby bottle candles or safety pin cookies. Arg!

But here are a few cute ideas for shower activities to keep everyone entertained that I have gleaned by the many resources I have looked at and read.

A "Send a Message to Baby"

Each partygoer is given a thin piece of cardboard and a thick felt marker and is asked to write a greeting, a wish, or another special message for the baby. The host then takes a picture of each guest holding up his or her greeting (a Polaroid instant or digital camera, for immediate results, makes this the most fun). The photos can then be assembled in an album or saved for the baby book. As he grows, the little one will surely get a kick out of seeing familiar faces and receiving the messages sent to him by close family and friends before he was even born. (I actually read about a version of this where people write on slips of paper and then all the paper is put into a wine bottle and sealed until the child's 16th birthday - I really like that idea) Both are good.

Advice Book
A new mother will definitely need advice on taking care of a baby. Place out a pretty journal for guests to write advice to the mother. This keepsake will be invaluable to the mother as she starts raising her kids.

Guess The Candy Bar or Guess what it is?

Pass around disposable diapers that have had candy bars melted in the microwave. Label the diapers and hand the guests a sheet of paper to write down the numbers and which candy bar is in each diaper. (alternative game can be played by not limiting the contents to melted candy bars)....this game is kinda iffy but has a good shock factor to get people talking

Diaper Decorating

Take cloth diapers and use fabric paints, iron-ons and markers for the guests to create diaper masterpieces. They can put cute sayings on it like," This side down" or "Momma's present goes in here"

Decorate onesies

Provide a table to decorate onesies for the baby. Have supplies like iron on designs, markers, paints, and decorative items for guests to use. You can tie dye some onesies or provide onesies in different sizes and colors to make it with.

Provide a card style cookbook for guests to decorate and fill with their favorite recipes.


jennie said...

Do I need to was the cloth diapers in anything before we color them with markers so it doesn't bleed or run?

Stacy said...

Jennie - We just used regular diapers - huggies or pampers or whatever - and permanent markers. But I couldn't see why not use cloth diapers! That is a great idea! I don't think you need to wash them first - but I would make sure to sure a fabric marker or ink and then heat set the writing with a blow dryer or iron before use.