Monday, April 12, 2010

Our Nursery - the blank slate stage

My hubby and I have already started on our nursery! It's a little early yet - I'm hardly even showing here at 15 weeks! But we've been putting a lot of thought into what we want and it makes sense to do a little a time over the course of the next 8 months.

So here's our blank slate! We found the perfect crib already and have some cute neutral curtains and with all the old guest bedroom furniture moved out - it is really starting to look like a nursery!

This was our first real nursery purchase - a lovely IKEA bookshelf I got around the time of my birthday in February (coincidence? of course not!).

Ok, wait...maybe THIS was on of our first nursery purchases - a vintage Curious George alphabet poster we found at a local antique shop. :) It is crooked I see now - gotta go upstairs and fix that for the next photo shoot!

We are kinda to the point now, where we need to know the gender of our wee one so we know where to head in the direction of blues or pinks. The room needs a rug, that is for certain with the large space in the middle of the room, we'll need some wall art - maybe the baby's name in wooden letters over the crib, our nursery chair is on it's way already as well - more pics when that comes in and we get things rearranged to fit it in and I'm still on the fence about a changer/dresser. We had dresser in the room but it didn't look right anywhere - and now we found a good spot for it in the office/guestbedroom so we'll either look at finding and refinishing another dresser or going without since we do have a closet to put clothes, etc. Can't decide on that one.

Here's a few things that are still on our list of things to add to the space:

Cute IKEA stool for $29.99- perfect to use up a little of that floor space and ties in that wicker look I love!

Large banana leave baskets for toy storage on the floor.

A toy/dress-up clothes chest  - either white or antique looking trunk.

Large rug for  the middle of the room.

Another lamp for dimmer lighting.

Changer or dresser?

Heather Bailey fabric for our crib sheets and  skirt.

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Rosemarie said...

It's so exciting to be reading this, as we're doing the same thing now (we're kind of late since we had to put in new floors, build a closet, paint, etc -- we're only ready now to think about furniture). I may be stealing ideas so if you see anything on my blog that looks familiar, you can remind me to credit you ;)

I love the crib, by the way, and the Curious george poster (I bought a similar one months ago at Bliks, I'll have to post it on my blog). Can't wait to see how this room transforms!